Integrated Services Management

Promedis Group has the knowledge, experience and facilities to provide all clinical engineering services, which have an important place in the activities of a health institution, as well as providing after-sales services for the products it carries out sales and marketing activities.

This service package, called Integrated Service Management, can be shaped according to the needs and demands of the customer.

Integrated Service Management takes a large workload from the customer, simplifies a complex process and contributes to the healthy planning of cash flow by clarifying uncertain expense items by : 
- Service management, independent of type and brand, through a single service provider,
- A single and customized service contract covering all equipment,
- Low-cost solution with a predetermined budget and payment plan,
- Saving on personnel expenses

Healthcare Facility Engineering and Turn-Key Project Management

Strategic Concept Planning
Project goals are determined; A detailed analysis is made by considering functional and operational requirements and design limitations. A strategic concept plan is created by taking into account the risk elements identified during the analysis.

Medical Device Planning
It is carried out systematically with the design and construction phases of the project. In this way, changes to the device planning are minimized.

Medical Device Purchase and Installation
The projects are carried out in parallel with the construction companies responsible for the construction of the hospital, and the equipment supply & installation is provided by the project and equipment experts.

Medical Gas Systems Design and Application
Medical gas systems are of vital importance for the patient and the hospital, and it must be designed with zero error during the installation phase. In addition to the project design, the system is implemented properly.

Process Control
The work to be done within the scope of the project is listed and a process report is prepared according to this and the report is constantly updated and reported. Possible delays are determined in advance and necessary measures are taken. It is updated according to your needs and demands.

Technical Services

Promedis Group attaches great importance to the after-sales services of the products, of which sales and marketing activities are carried out.

In the provision of service services;
- quality service
- fast response and fast solution
- customer happiness
are our main principles and goals that are not compromised.

Service services in Promedis cover:
- facility preparation, technical consultancy and support services,
- installation, commissioning and delivery processes,
- breakdown intervention and repair services,
- Remote Service,
- preventive and preventive maintenance services,
- spare parts supply,
- contracted maintenance-repair services (standard or customized according to customer demands),
- uptime guarantee
- field safety notices (Field Safety Notice),
- Field Safety Corrective Actions (Field Safety Corrective Action)

Repair and preventive maintenance activities within the scope of after-sales services are carried out in accordance with international standards and detailed procedures determined by the manufacturer.

Malfunction statistics studies and customer satisfaction surveys are conducted in order to maintain and improve service quality, on the one hand, and to ensure continuity in services and to minimize disruptions, on the other.

As a result of the data obtained, a stock of critical spare parts and replacement devices are kept.

Promedis Academy

As Promedis Group, with the awareness that investment in people is the greatest value, we created Promedis Academy to offer development opportunities to our employees and people from different levels of the health sector.

Promedis Academy aims to ensure the personal, professional and managerial development of both its new employees and experienced personnel within the Promedis Group, as well as to use technology more efficiently and to be a part of a constantly learning organization. With this goal; determines the training needs and development areas of its employees, prepares and presents appropriate training and development contents.

Promedis Academy responds to different needs in the health sector by preparing and presenting user trainings, technical trainings, pre-sales and post-sales applied training contents related to the advanced technology products represented by Promedis Group. It aims to contribute to the training of qualified technical personnel who are competent in their field, with a high understanding of service, which the sector needs.

Promedis Academy can organize its trainings in the full-fledged training center in the head office of Promedis Group, in the areas of customers and users or online.

The contents we offer as Promedis Academy are only for healthcare professionals. Please confirm that you are a healthcare professional in order to follow our content.