NCCT Module
1.       Rapid ICH
Rapid ICH automatically processes images and assesses them for hemorrhage, including intraparenchymal (IPH), intraventricular (IVH), subdural (SDH), and subarachnoid (SAH) subtypes—presenting clear, easy-to-read results that make it easier for physicians to make critical decisions faster.
2.       Rapid ASPECTS
Rapid ASPECTS automatically delivers standardized ASPECTS regions and scores to enable physicians to quickly identify areas of irreversible injury on non-contrast CT (NCCT) scans—helping stroke teams make faster triage-or-transfer decisions.

CTP Module
Rapid CTP
Rapid CTP automatically delivers quantified and color-coded CT perfusion maps that help physicians quickly assess salvageable brain tissue—enabling faster clinical decisions that facilitate better patient outcomes.

CTA/LVO Module
Rapid CTA- Rapid CTO
In as few as three minutes, Rapid CTA and Rapid LVO help physicians quickly identify suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs) by automatically processing CT scans and delivering clear, easy-to-interpret CT angiography images—helping to speed triage or transfer decision-making and facilitate better patient outcomes.

MRI Module
Rapid MRI
Rapid MRI automatically delivers quantified, color-coded MR diffusion and perfusion maps to help stroke teams quickly assess patients who may benefit from endovascular thrombectomy.


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